Friday, May 11, 2012

Tater is 18 Months

I don't know if I completely forgot what it's like to have an 18-month old, or if Tate is just so completely different then Ellie, but maybe a little of both.

In good times, Tate is the sweetest, most gentle, lovable little boy in the WORLD.  I can't squeeze him or hug him enough.  He is such a little, doughy, cherub.  Thinking about him makes me smile.  He says a few things (but isn't a big talker yet).  Ellie is his best friend and he worships the ground she walks on.  He likes to hug her (sometimes too rough), copy her, follow her around constantly, and wear her clothes and shoes.  I's a little weird, but apparently very common for younger brothers of sisters (or so I'm told).

In not-so-good times, Tate is a typical toddler.  He has his meltdowns.  He gets very frustrated and doesn't understand why he can't carry around a sharp kitchen knife, stay in the garage and play with the rake by himself, climb up on the kitchen counter, play in the water faucet for hours, etc.  Fortunately, it's easier the second time around because I know everything is a phase that will eventually pass.

It has been way too long since I had professional pictures taken of Tate.  We have had to cancel a couple sessions because he had a bad haircut, or is usually too banged up and bruised (poor guy!).  I am hoping to get some in the next couple weeks.

It makes me a little sad that my baby is becoming a real BOY...

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Fun in the Snow

We escaped to Tahoe for a long weekend of fun in the "snow." It really wasn't all that snowy, but nonetheless, Ellie and Tate had an incredible time riding the Gondola up to the top of Heavenly to sled and play. I wasn't really sure how it would all go (the whole bundling up in layers of warm clothes to go stand out in the cold for a few days). Have you ever met my daughter? Anyways, I was pleasantly surprised. She couldn't wait to get going and instantly dropped to the ground to make snow angels (probably something she learned from TV). Tate wanted to sled again, and again, and again. The kids had an amazing time (so in turn we had an amazing time). We are even considering trying Ellie out in skiing next year, but I think this may be a bit ambitious. Even at twelve, my dad had to drag my skis all over the mountain and listen to me whine and complain. I would like to think it eventually paid off and I fully intend to get back on skis one of these day (after a 6 year hiatus). Point is, it was an enjoyable weekend getaway.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

A New Year

Hello. It's me again. Happy New Year! My, time sure does fly. So, there's been a few things that went on since Tate's Baptism, but let's just skip over Halloween, his FIRST birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.

I have been busy. I know, I has everyone else. My 13-month-old is exhausting. He likes to eat chalk, carry around anything extremely sharp, run into things, climb up stairs, climb downstairs, stand on top of things, unroll all the toilet paper, throw dishes across the kitchen, crush crackers into sawdust, smear mushed up banana all over the walls, steal his sister's crayons, eat his sister's crayons, get banged up on more stuff, and eat more chalk. He may be the busiest 13-month old that has ever lived (but other mothers to 13-month-old children may disagree). Other then that, he is walking and talking (well, saying a few words). We all find him very entertaining. His dad refuses to let him have a haircut, but I really can't blame him. Who can resist those blond curls?

Ellie has been busy performing (but only for the very select audience of her parents), dancing, twirling, and using plenty of her imagination. She turned 3.5 on Christmas Eve and already has big plans for her 4th birthday. Of course, she is always asking when we can go back to visit all her friends at Disneyland again. She has inherited several more stuffed animals over the holidays that occupy her bed every night. Ellie enjoys drawing pictures of rainbows, wearing "high heels" (Disney princess shoes), watching Cailou (gag!), helping me cook, participating in her ballet class, going to the library, running errands, and being out and about all the time. Thankfully, she finally loves going to preschool. She is looking forward to starting a soccer class with Knute next week!

Cheers to a happy and healthy 2012!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Tate's Baptism

Tate William was baptized on October 9th. It was a joyous occasion we celebrated with family. He was a good sport, despite the fact that his white smocked jumper was a bit snug in bum area (and just about everywhere else). We love this little boy dearly!

Gearing up to sit quietly through Mass
Ellie, I said LISTEN!
Proud Godparents Celeste and Dane
The Bucklew Family....but where is Tate? Is Celeste singing? Who am I looking at?
The Hooks Family
Such a big boy
They're really sweet when they're not sitting in church :)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

5 Years

We celebrated our Five Year Wedding Anniversary on September 30th. For people who have been married 10, 20, 35 years, maybe this doesn't seem like such a big deal, but we enjoyed it anyways. My sweet husband surprised me with dinner at Ruby Hill, where we had our Wedding Reception. He even included a replica of my bouquet and a scaled down version of our cake. I was emotional and beyond surprised, but I think everyone is sick of hearing me talk about it.

My parents and in-laws were extremely generous in watching Tate and Ellie while we took a five day vacation to Cabo San Lucas. Honestly, we may have had more fun then the actual Honeymoon we took to St. Kitts and Nevis. We were able to truly appreciate what it's like to completely unwind and relax. That wasn't such a novelty to us when we were newlyweds. I could pretty much take a long bubble bath and settle into a good book any night I wanted. That's not exactly the case anymore.

Honestly, I think the reason we made our 5 year Anniversary so special is because we're in a satisfying place. No, it hasn't always been easy and we've definitely had some challenging times in our marriage, but you don't want to hear about that, right? Ha! We have been blessed with two wonderful, healthy children that we get to celebrate the small joys of life with every day. Five years feels pretty good.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Old Friends

A long time ago (like, think back to July) five good friends went to the wine country. These friends grew up together in Denver, Colorado, but were spread out all over the United States now. Seriously...all over. They came from Denver, Walnut Creek, Dallas, Charlotte, and New York City. They invaded the little, quaint town of Sonoma with their boisterous and immature ways. The kind of immaturity that is brought on after drinking several bottles of wine together and god knows what else. And they laughed, and laughed, and laughed, until their stomachs hurt and they couldn't laugh anymore. And they made fun of each other like old friends do. Because who else understands weird quirks about you from high school? Who else knows that the boy who took you to Junior Prom may or may not have permed his hair? And then they poked fun of each other some more, until people started becoming sensitive and it was time to stop. After all, every one of them was beautiful, brilliant, witty, thoughtful, and talented!

They ate delicious Italian food, cheese by the ton, and yummy chocolate, followed by wine. Each morning they woke up chipper and ready to greet the new day...some more than others. They plugged in their hair straighteners, curling irons, and hairdryers until the hotel room heated up to 1 million degrees. They set out for their day with every hair and stitch of makeup in the right place, a nicely pressed summer dress, and the perfect heels. After a full day of wine tasting, they returned sweaty, stained, and looking, well, not quite as good. But that's okay. They put on their swim suits, grabbed their towels, and went off to the hot tub to offend more innocent hotel guests trying to enjoy a little peace and quiet.

They shared stories of their current adult lives, their careers, babies, dogs, husbands, and other topics. Oh, how times had changed! They cried, laughed harder, and gave each other encouragement and advice. They broke glasses, ordered more wine, more food, and continued to make fools of themselves.

And when the last day came and they were all sad and tired, they hated to say goodbye to one another. They put on their dark sunglasses to cover their bloodshot, hungover eyes, and held their heads high as they departed for their various cities. How thankful and truly blessed they all felt that such wonderful women were in their lives. There is nothing quite like an old friend. Until we meet again.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tater is 10 Months

He came into the world at 6 pounds, 12 ounces, and now he tips the scales at 25. I hardly recognize that dark haired peanut in all the newborn pictures. No doubt he was handsome then, but I am just in love with the Gerber-like chubby baby that exists today. The more the merrier in my book when it comes to those cute, delicious rolls all over his legs. I just want to eat him all up. I know...I'm kind of a crazy nut lady. I sort of feel sorry for the woman who steals his heart away one day. You are mine, all mine!

Sunday, September 11, 2011


True to form, Ellie turned three on June 24th, but I decided to take the opportunity to write about it over two months later. You see, I felt like I needed a better idea of what this new age entails. How am I supposed to know what it's like to have a three year old without testing the waters for a couple months?

I thought I would ask the best source, Elizabeth Bucklew herself, what it's like to be three:

Mommy: Ellie, I'm going to ask you a few questions, okay?
Ellie: Maybe later, okay? (no, actually now would be a good time)

Mommy: What is your favorite color?
Ellie: Pink (this sometimes changes to brown, depending on her mood)

Mommy: What is Daddy's favorite color?
Ellie: Blue (this is true)

Mommy: What is my favorite color?
Ellie: RED!!! (It's Pink, but that's pretty close)

Mommy: Who is your best friend at preschool?
Ellie: Miss Julie came by my new classroom to say "hi." She said she misses me.

Mommy: I know how much you like Miss Julie. Who is your best friend at preschool?
Ellie: Jo Jo and Grayson (last week it was Owen and Sarah, but this really is a loaded question and probably something I shouldn't ask. It just sets someone up for hurt feelings, you know?)

Mommy: What did you do at school today?
Ellie: I had snack. I fell down on the playground. Then I had some ice and I was holding Mope, but I feel better now (thankfully her teacher already told me this).

Mommy: What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?
Ellie: chocolate, vanilla, and chocolate chip (maybe we should have a lesson on the meaning of the word favorite).

Mommy: What is your favorite food?
Ellie: Cookies (I don't like this answer, but it's an interview and I should state the truth).

Mommy: What else?
Ellie: Chocolate (I don't like this answer either)

Mommy: What do you like to eat for dinner?
Ellie: Cantaloupe (not totally true, but thata girl!)

Mommy: What do you want to be for Halloween?
Ellie: Wags the Dog (a character from the Wiggles)

Mommy: I thought you wanted to be a ladybug?
Ellie: I thought I wanted to be Wags the Dog!

Mommy: What is Tate going to be for Halloween?
Ellie: An Elephant! I like Elephants! Do you like Elephants Mommy?

Mommy: Yes, I like elephants. What is your favorite animal?
Ellie: favorite animal elephant, a zebra, and a green frog (again, we should probably work on the word favorite).

*It is taking longer to answer questions and I can tell her attention span is fading quickly. This interview is over.

A few things about Ellie at age three:

Ellie has 7 "lovies" she sleeps with every night (Mope, Nola, Moochie Cat, Sophie, Peter Rabbit, Baby Elephant, and Halfie).

Her bedtime routine is ridiculous. She has many rituals.

Ellie loves to make up songs and has some very exaggerated dance moves to go along with them. I think she gets it from watching Barney.

Favorite shows are Barney, Sesame Street, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and Little Einsteins

She likes to draw pictures of rainbows and cats, then asks for us to hang them around the house.

Did I mention she is obsessed with cats????

Ellie has a wild imagination, which has been interesting to watch develop in the past year. She likes to use the calculator as a phone and has very detailed conversations on it, usually with her Grandparents.

She loves to swim and we are very proud of her for doing so well with her lessons this summer.

Ellie prefers smaller groups and usually has a very shy nature. I find this interesting, because she is quite the opposite at home.

Favorite food is typically pasta (does mac and cheese count?)

Ellie likes to wear band-aids even when she doesn't need them. She asks to get her nails and toes painted often, wants to wear perfume, matches things to wear (which sometimes results in over-matching)

She is a very nurturing and sweet big sister. Tate thinks she is the funniest, most entertaining person to ever walk this earth.

Ellie likes to keep us on our toes and we are looking forward to what the next year brings. We love you Ellie and can't imagine the last three years without you in it.


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Newport Trip

It seems to be a common theme that I'm a few weeks behind in updating my blog. I guess that's life with two little ones for now.

Anyways, we drove down to Newport a few weeks ago for a little trip to the beach with Knute's parents for some fun in the sun (well, it was kind of May Grey, but that didn't stop us from having a great time). The best part for Ellie was a day trip to Disneyland to see all her "friends." She is almost indifferent when it comes to rides and the Princesses, but LOVES all the classic characters. We had to go on a wild goose hunt to find Minnie Mouse, but it was worth it in the end when she got to walk Minnie out.

Good times and priceless memories!